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Internal Submissions

What and why of iGGiCon Posters


  • An opportunity to showcase your work in a captivating visual format to a wide range of researchers and game industry people in the UK

  • Your poster can be about your research topic or latest findings or a mix of these.

  • You will get a chance to explain your poster to the conference visitors during coffee breaks allocated for poster showcases. (More details about this will be shared closer to the conference.)


For IGGI researchers, here are the guidelines for preparing and submitting the posters.

External Submissions

While most submissions are reserved for CDT researchers, we do have some capacity for posters from external PhD students not part of the CDT (and we'd love to have you along).


If you have been working on a research topic that is related and relevant to the IGGI themes, you can submit an external poster. Please use the standard CFP for submissions and mention that you are a non-IGGI researcher in the abstract section.


Please note that the deadline for external poster submissions is 29th July 2022. The actual conference is free, and you can register on the conference website, but you'll need to sort out your own transport and accommodation. Also, you need to bring your own poster to the venue. For any further details, please contact the poster chair.

  • Program & Workshop/Demo Co-chairs: Sahar Mirhadi, James Goodman

  • Poster/Buzz Chair: Prasad Sandbhor

  • Website/Marketing Chairs: Michael Saiger, Florence Smith Nicholls

  • Local Chair: Francesca Foffano

  • General Chairs: Debbie Maxwell, James Walker

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