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Welcome to the iGGi games showcase. Here you will find links to demos, videos and experiences developed by iGGi researchers.

Each year, new iGGi researchers develop games through game design and game development modules. In addition, each year iGGi researchers take part in game jams.


iGGi Game Jam

January 2022

Game Jam

Lango Guesso

Uncover the homeland of lost civilizations using no other hints than how they named the world.
Developed by:
Younès Rabii (@Pyrofoux)

Researcher Games

Spotlight on games developed by iGGi researchers as part of PhD's or research projects.

Adjective Game was developed for applied games research.

Collecting data with games introduces threats to validity in games. Adjective Game was designed to collect valid human-subject data while also being a compelling game in its own right.

It has been used to explore the effect of gameplay on the accuracy of game-collected data, finding a tradeoff with enjoyment.

Developed by:
David Gundry (@davegundry)

Ludum Dare 48

Games developed by iGGi researchers during Ludum Dare 48
Game dev

Game Development Module

Games developed as by iGGi researcher as part of the game development module for doctoral training.

Lone Signal

A narrative game exploring the lonesome journey of a space probe through deep space, and the perspectives it finds on the way.
Developed by:
Dan Gomme (@dan_gomme), Younès Rabii (@pyrofoux), Kyle Worrall (@kjw_audio), Nathan Trouvain

First Person Parrot

Well, next time you decide to get smashed at a party, remember to close the parrot's cage before leaving! Because who doesn't party with parrots?
Developed by:
Francesca Foffano (@FrancescaFoffa1) Remo Sasso
  • Program & Workshop/Demo Co-chairs: Sahar Mirhadi, James Goodman

  • Poster/Buzz Chair: Prasad Sandbhor

  • Website/Marketing Chairs: Michael Saiger, Florence Smith Nicholls

  • Local Chair: Francesca Foffano

  • General Chairs: Debbie Maxwell, James Walker

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